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Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE (A Level) in Physics (9PH0) (Year 13)

This information is for the Edexcel course taught from September 2015 and finishing at Idsall in 2020. The AQA exam board will be used for students starting study in 2019.

The course is designed so that you are able to –

  • Progress smoothly from previous GCSE studies in Physics.
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the principles and applications of Physics.
  • Gain hands-on practical skills and data analysis skills.
  • Appreciate How Science Works and its relevance beyond the laboratory.

Investigative and practical skills are developed throughout the course are and examined indirectly in the theory papers. In addition, at A2 Level pupils receive a practical endorsement that they have demonstrated competence in a range of core skills.

Please click on the link for the full course specification: Physics Edexcel A Level

Course Content Year 12

Concepts include: - Mechanics, Electricity, Waves, Materials and the Dual Nature of Light. These are taught in a context led approach and are examined in two papers at the end of Year 12.

Term  Topics 
Autumn 1 Mechanics’ and ‘Waves’
Autumn 2 Mechanics’ and ‘Waves’
Spring 1 ‘Electricity’ and ‘Materials’
Spring 2 ‘Electricity’ and ‘Materials’
Summer 1 Revision
Summer 2 Astrophysics’ and ‘Particle Physics’

Course Content Year 13

Concepts include: - Further Mechanics, Fields, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Thermodynamics, Space, Radiation, Fields and Oscillations. These are examined, along with knowledge of the AS content, in 3 papers at the end of Year 13.

Term  Topics 
Autumn 1 ‘Further Mechanics’ and ‘Thermal Physics’  
Autumn 2 ‘Electric Fields’ and ‘Radiation’
Spring 1 ‘Magnetic Fields’ and ‘Gravitational Fields’
Spring 2 ‘Nuclear Physics’ and ‘Oscillations’
Summer 1 Revision
Summer 2 Consolidation and Examinations