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English Language

Pearson Edexcel English Language A Level (9ENO)

We follow the Edexcel English Language A level across the two years of Key Stage 5.
This course builds on what students know already from GCSE in order to teach the skills every linguist needs to explore the language system, including modality, and the differences between spoken and written language.  There are opportunities for students to demonstrate their engagement with language in the real world – including people’s attitudes to current language issues, as well as exploring language in particular contexts.  English Language gives students the practical ‘tools’, whether for the workplace or for higher education, to become independent, critical readers and analysers of language use in the 21st century.

Topics Covered per Term 

Term  Year 12  Year 13 
Autumn 1 & 2 
  • Grammar revision
  • Aspects of context: Mode, Field, Audience and Function
  • Language Frameworks
  • Introduction to Child Language, Language variation over time.
  • Coursework with revision of Language Frameworks and Individual Variation.
  • Introduction to Language Investigation topic areas
Spring 1 & 2 
  • Continued work on Child Language, Individual variation for examination.
  • Language investigation (based on pre-release materials available in January)
Summer 1 
  • End of year exam preparation: revising Paper 1 (Language Variation) and Paper 2 (Child Language)
  • Examination practice.
Summer 2 
  • Begin Coursework 
  • Examination practice & A Level