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First Committee

1. Focus Summary

The main functions of this Committee are:

i. to consider any complaints which neither the Head teacher nor the Chair of Trustees have been able to resolve following the procedure adopted by the Board of Trustees;

ii. to review the Complaints Procedure (every 3 years).

iii. to enact  the operation of the Board of Trustees policies in relation to appraisal, staff discipline and grievance of staff and the exclusion of pupils.

2. Membership

a) The membership of the Committee shall be:

• three (3) trustees.

• named reserves, in order of precedence, who shall act if a member of the Committee is unable to attend a meeting.

b) No trustee employed to work at the School shall be appointed to this Committee.

c) Members of the Committee shall be appointed annually at the summer term meeting of the Board of Trustees.

d) One of those appointed to the Committee shall be appointed as chair of the Committee EITHER by the Board of Trustees OR by the Committee.

e) Should a vacancy arise on the Committee a successor shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees at its next meeting following receipt of the resignation and members so appointed shall serve until the next annual review.

g) The Board of Trustees will appoint the Clerk who cannot be the Head teacher.  

3. Quorum

The quorum shall be all three (3) members of the Committee.  A named reserve shall take the place of any member of the Committee who is unable to be present at a meeting.

4. Meetings

a) The Committee shall meet as and when necessary to fulfil its responsibilities.

b) Meetings of the Committee shall be called by the Clerk of the Committee.

5. Proceedings

a) The Committee shall be conducted in accordance with the School Funding Agreement and Articles of Association and be compliant with DfE requirements, Company and Charity Law.

b) Confidential minutes shall be kept of each meeting and shall be circulated to all members of the Committee before being signed by the chair.  A report shall also be submitted to the next meeting of the Board of Trustees.

c) The minutes shall be kept in a separate minute book.

Terms of Reference 


1. In relation to a formal written complaint to acknowledge it, investigate the complaint and send a suitable response to the complainant.

2. Where the complainant requests it, to hear representations from the complainant, the Head teacher and chair of trustees and to send a suitable response to the complainant.

3. To review annually the formal complaints received and to recommend to the Board of Trustees any changes to the School’s policies, practices or procedures.

4. To review the School’s complaints procedure every 3 years and the relevant prospectus entry, and recommend to the Board of Trustees any changes considered necessary.

5. Where the Head teacher:

a) excludes any pupil in circumstances where the pupil would, as a result of the exclusion:-

i) be excluded from the School for a total of more than 5 School days but not more than 15 School days in any one term, but only if the parent requests a meeting, or

ii) lose the opportunity to take any public examination,

b) excludes a pupil permanently, or

c) decides that any fixed term exclusion of a pupil should be made permanent;

The First Committee shall:

i) consider the circumstances in which the pupil was excluded;

ii) consider any representations about the exclusion to the Board of Trustees made by the relevant person

iii) allow the relevant person (in the case of a person under the age of 18 his or her parent/carer and in the case of a pupil who has attained the age of 18 the pupil him/herself.) to attend a meeting of the Board of Trustees and make oral representations about the exclusion;

iv) consider any oral representations so made;

v) consider whether, provided it is practical to do so, the pupil should be reinstated and if so give an appropriate direction to the Head teacher and inform the relevant person and the LA of their decision.  If not they shall inform the relevant person the Head teacher and the LA of their decision and in the case of the pupil who has been permanently excluded give the relevant person written notice of his right of appeal. 

6. In the case of all other decisions to exclude made by the Head teacher the Board of Trustees shall receive any written representations by a relevant person about the exclusion and shall consider those representations.

7. To agree a submission on behalf of the Board of Trustees, to nominate a member of the Committee to appear at and to make any arrangements for the Board of Trustees to be represented at the hearing of any appeal submitted by parents against a decision of this Committee to an independent appeals panel.

8. To hear any appeal by a member of staff employed at the School against the outcome of their appraisal, or pay or pay progression process.