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How it Works

STAR Reader

Within English lessons, students will take an electronic standardised test called a STAR test. This will track students’ reading abilities through their Key Stage 3 course. This will help English teachers support students’ reading through Accelerated Reader and classroom intervention where appropriate. Students will take three tests in a year, one at the start of each term. The test is out of 1400 and students will be tracked along a bespoke flight path.

Example STAR Questions:

Mr Goodison is a teacher but reading is his:                

  1. Clarinet
  2. Nuisance
  3. Voyage
  4. Hobby

Phil paced nervously in the kitchen, and he kept looking at the clock.  It was already time to go but no-one was ready yet.  Everyone else was discussing the music and food, but he was more excited about the parade.  He was going to have the opportunity to be on a float for the first time ever.  He was very excited to be in the parade.

Where is Phil going?

  1. To a house party
  2. To a dinner
  3. To a festival

Each test has 10 vocabulary questions, where students will need to complete sentences with the correct word. They will then have another 22 questions which will assess their reading ability, including their inference and deduction skills. The test will also assess students’ understanding of different types of texts.

Reading level

The STAR reader test determines each students’ reading level. The reading levels ensure that students are reading books that are suitable for them and will give them maximum success with their reading. Accelerated Reader books can be found at, the school library or your local library.


The Accelerated Reader programme involves students reading a book, completing a quiz on their book and gaining points based on their quiz results. Each book is worth a certain amount of points and all students will be given individual targets based on their STAR tests. Students should ensure that they read all books properly and get as close to 100% on all of their quizzes. They also need to read enough books of sufficient length to reach their Points Target.