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Idsall School

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Key Stage 3

Idsall has an excellent Library and Key Stage 3 students are encouraged to make extensive use of it. Reading is a highly valued activity and students are given a recommended reading list for each of the first three years. The books listed are not essential for study but have been chosen because they are well written and enjoyable to read. Our aim is to extend the range of choice available for private reading and to encourage students to develop the habit of reading widely for pleasure.  We use the Accelerated Reader system to support and celebrate students’ reading.

We expect our students to read regularly at home and complete Accelerated Reader quizzes after each AR book that they finish. Pupils have book points targets on Accelerated Reader that they are expected to achieve each term.  

It is very helpful for students to carry with them, at all times, a small, lightweight dictionary and thesaurus. The Collins Gem Dictionary and the Oxford Mini Dictionary are both excellent and have durable, plastic covers. Similarly, we recommend the Collins Gem Thesaurus. We recommend the following book for all Year Groups: 

Help Your Kids with English: A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Guide

ISBN: 978-1409314943

We encourage students to word process some of the work which they submit for assessment. They are also expected to have a supply of pens and pencils, and would benefit from having crayons and highlighters for use within lessons. Usually, fountain or cartridge pens aid good presentation, but some students find fibre tips or roller ball pens more convenient. Biros tend to be more suitable for rough work, but are, of course, always useful.